Art & Fable Daughters of the Sea 750


Daughters of the Sea is a 750 piece puzzle featuring the art of Anton Lomaev.

Contemporary Russian artist Anton Lomaev is a distinguished tour-de-force in the arena of book art and illustration. His work graces editions of both contemporary and classic works such as Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, and The Little Mermaid published across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Lomaev is the recipient of many of the highest awards in his field, earning the BIB Golden Apple prize in 2019, an honorary diploma from the International Board on Books for Young People 2018, and the 2015 Prix l’Esprit de l’Engagement from the European Science Fiction Society. Through this confluence of graphic and literary art, the work of Anton Lomaev serves to invigorate imaginations young and old while ensuring the legacy of book art for generations to come.

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Anton Lomaev


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