Ravensburger Roll Your Puzzle


With this handy storage system, your unfinished & completed puzzles can be safely transported and compactly stored. The unique plastic tube provides extra stability and is easy to roll up.


  • 1 non-slip felt mat 110x66cm (43×26”)
  • 1 plastic tube (8 interlocking pieces)
  • 2 elastic straps to secure rolled mat.


  1. Puzzle directly on the non-slip felt mat.
  2. Assemble the 8 half tubes into 4 tube sections (each one made of a hood half and a groove half).  Fit these together and twist-lock into place.
  3. Place the tube at the end of the mat, making sure no puzzle pieces overlap. Carefully roll the map up over the tube, applying even pressure so the mat is tight.
  4. Secure the rolled up mat with the elastic straps over each end. The non-skid felt keeps all the pieces in place.
  5. Now you can safely transport and compactly store your jigsaw puzzle. Keep it horizontal for best results.

Tip: Remove creases by ironing on the lowest setting so the mat is as smooth as possible.

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