University Games Death on the Istanbul Express 1000


Calling all super sleuths! The Orient Express is much more than just a jigsaw puzzle, it is a murder mystery waiting to be solved! First, read all about Detective Hercule Poirot’s voyage to Istanbul and the shocking and suspicious death of a fellow passenger. Next, assemble the 1,000-piece puzzle to uncover hidden clues but don’t be fooled by the image on the box front, the picture that the completed puzzle reveals is very different! Unleash the detective within, discover the hidden clues amongst the corridors and cabins of the Orient Express and piece together the evidence to reveal the murderer and solve the crime! The Orient Express Murder Mystery Puzzle is a great gift for those who enjoy jigsaws and all those murder mystery buffs! The finished puzzle measures 58cm x 74cm and is suitable for puzzlers ages 15 years and over.

Story Booklet and solution
1,000 piece puzzle

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